IMG_1266Hugo III is a Danish Knabstrupper mix born in 1994. He’s a dark bay spotted blanket, 163 cm at the withers, and a one-of-a-kind horse. He has been a show jumping horse in Denmark and a knight’s mount in Norway. He has travelled across Europe and seen a lot of things. Unfortunately for Hugo, he is not fearless. He is a brave horse, because if he trusts his rider, he will listen to him and do the things he is asked even though he is terrified. But while bravery is an important virtue, a knight is usually better off riding a fearless horse. So when he turned 19, his owner decided to retire him after the tournament season, and I was fortunate enough to be asked to provide him a last home. Hugo is a perfect gentleman and the best teacher I could have asked for. We do dressage together, and he teaches me to be patient (but not overly so), calm (but not passive), and to always look for the best possible quality in every movement.

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